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January 11, 2011

The Boyfriend Bag

So named for its fabric and its function :) Linking to Quiltstory's Fabric Tuesday today.


This bag was made especially for a cousin's daughter. She's in her first year in college. Y'all remember those times...wanting to assert independence, while at the same time just wanting to go home and eat your favorite meal with your parents? So maybe that was only true in my life, who knows...  Anyway, this gal was also having a rough first semester, missing her boyfriend, dealing with her crazy roommate. I wanted to send her some love, and when I came across this fabric in the home dec remnants, it just screamed her name. Doesn't it look like those 'boyfriend shirt' stripes? I brought it home with the intent of making a purse, but why stop there. I made this full-sized duffle bag, one that she can fill up with a weekend's worth of stuff to get away from the dorms for a while, and perhaps go to her boyfriend's school a few hours away (disclaimer - I maintain that did not aid and abed any fraternization :) ).

Shhhh...don't tell anyone, but that person on the right in the next photo? That's John Deere himself. I used his fleece print to add some umph to the bag. Notice: there are two layers of the inside fabric to cover up the print on the fleece. I am really not into Mr. Deere, but this stuff was only $3 a yard, and at one point I needed a lot of umph-adding fleece. My hubs thought it would be funny to buy a ridiculous print for secret (one time, we ended up with power rangers), but then tell everyone about it instead of keeping the secret. ha.


If you want more info on how I constructed the bag, just let me know!

Thanks for reading, hope to see you back :)


  1. Nothing wrong with a good deal on fleece! Great bag :)

  2. Power Rangers! My teenagers used to LOVE them. What a fun little surprise to tell someone about a gift you have made. Very smart to use fleece as a filler - I might use that myself someday.

  3. Word on if your cousin has successfully used the bag to escape?