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January 7, 2011

Fabric, Fabric, and Fabric

I spend hours picking out fabrics (like a lot of other people), which is why I was surprised when I made it out of the store yesterday in less than a half hour with these guys...

monochromatic challenge

Have you heard about the most recent Project Modern Challenge over at the Modern Quilt Guild? Well, when I heard it was a monochromatic challenge, and I was already formulating a monochrome quilt for myself, I decided I would try to enter it. These lovely shades of yellow are the beginning.

I also happen to be the lucky winner of a giveaway over at Sewing in the Wendy City. She went out fabric shopping on her birthday, and picked up some things for her readers too! How nice. Here are the goods I got...

Wendy City winner!

Finally, I decided against buying anymore fabric for the postage stamp quilt along. The look I got from my hubs when I told him I wanted to do another quilt (and hence buy more fabric) was one of "Are you for reals?" My mom-in-law bought me so many fat quarters, including some AMH Innocent Crush, and I am going to use these for the quilt. Yeah, I know, they are FQs, not jelly rolls, but I love them just the same.

Postage stamp fabrics

I can't decide what solid to use with the Innocent Crush...any thoughts?

Thanks for stopping by!

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