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January 20, 2011

the next big mountain

Clothes. That's right, clothes. I'm not talking the 'take this up two inches' kind, I'm talking the 'from scratch' kind. I am starting off with what I am hoping will be easy-ish. No darts, no special fitting, no waistband, just a raincoat. [Maybe a raincoat doesn't count?]


Goodness. This photo intimidates me. Any advice for a fledgling little clothing sewer?

More help needed! My iron bit the dust last night (big time), and my ironing board is rusting with a defunct cover. Any tips on finding new ones or recommendations of types/brands? Does the ironing board really make a difference, and if so, where would I shop for a good one?

thanks so much in advance :)

1 comment:

  1. Mary,
    I don't think the ironing board makes a huge difference, although you might want to get the longest one you can find/and have room for in order to iron big pieces of fabric (like quilts!). The iron? I've had Rowentas in the past but now I have a Black & Decker I purchased on Amazon and am very happy with it. It was highly rated. Just found the # F 1060.

    You can make garments! Before you do anything else - read the directions again and again. If the pattern is tissue paper, iron it. After that, just follow the directions and google things you don't understand. Good luck!