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January 9, 2011

Sunday regroup

If this photo doesn't say "I got a lot done," I don't know what does. *Note, this post is dedicated to my dad, who recently told me that he does not understand all the abbreviations I have used in past posts. So, dad, no abbrevs in this one. I promise. Can you even read italics, dad?


Check out all those scraps, I am smiling just viewing them myself. I have had an extremely productive weekend - I finished 6 WHOLE PROJECTS! That is nearly unheard of in my house, mostly because things just tend to sit around long enough to find a home unfinished. Here is a preview of one of them... cannot show the entire thing because the recipient's mother might be reading this.


I wish that 'auntie' referred to me, but I am not so lucky. Pretty sure I made CT, the recipient of this blanket (and yes, that is actually her real name, not some random mask), scream bloody murder in my ear last time I was around (not for real, that is my family's description for 'deafeningly loud.') Besides, CT spit up ALL OVER that embroidery - not visible in the photo because I am pretty sure the entire square I cut out was yellowed - so if that did refer to me, boy would I be appalled :).  That auntie is my other sister, our special angel Al. This is made of baby clothes that Al bought for CT before she passed away. CT outgrew them in about five minutes flat, so hopefully this helps keep the memory around a little longer.

Stay tuned for the other projects that came about this wondrously successful weekend :)

Thanks for stopping by!

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