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January 15, 2011

teeny tiny gift

My pal Josie got me some fabulous fabrics for Christmas (you can see pictures of the fabrics here). So nice, right? So I made one of these for her out of the fabric. (I got the original idea for this from this gal)

Needle case

It is a needle case. In truth, I wanted one for myself too, but I also (1) wanted more practice sewing something little, (2) had tons of extra needles, and (3) knew that Josie was experimenting with putting tags in her handmades but she did not have a stash of needles. She is so awesome that she posted pictures of her case too (see them here). In her photos, I especially love her colorful knitting needles :) So fancy, Jo!

Needle Case 2

Of note: this was my first successful button hole. Big step, I'm in the big leagues now (HA!)

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