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January 30, 2011

weekend progression

It was marathon cutting-piecing-quilting-binding in my house.

postage stamp ip

Quilting my postage stamp quilt. Top is done, count me in that drawing! Looking at it now, I can say I love it. Had you asked me my feelings mid-48-square-construction, you would also be asking to get your head bit off. Okay not that terrible, but still. This felt so monotonous, but also so easy. I guess I traded complexity for time. Or maybe I just noticed the time more because there was no complexity.

When I made it back from a conference in DC (snow leads to canceled flights and extra nights), I was able to do more than gaze longingly at my sliced coins fabric (have you seen the quilt along over at Don't Call Me Betsy?).  I cut, placed, and began assembling that quilt. Let me tell you, so much faster than that postage stamp. Sunny and warm day calls for an equally sunny photo :)

sliced coins construction

What did you work on this weekend?



  1. Wow! Those look great. My weekend was spent finishing up my Cosmo Bag for an Amy Butler Style Stitches Sew Along. Pictures coming tomorrow. :)

  2. Mary, those are both going to be lovely and the composition of the sliced coins quilt is just perfect! I have my sliced coins laid out and just need to find the time to sew them together. :)