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February 11, 2011

addicted to hideaway

A few blogs recently have been asking what everyone's current favorite line of fabric is. "favorite" is an understatement...I am obsessed with Hideaway. And this obsession has recently been validated by Katie B., who shares my sentiments of this dreamy line.

Mmmmmm...Such a great reminder of my family's trek through Europe when I was young (young enough to pretty much only remember specific buildings, like the B&B we stayed at in Bavaria). It started with that charm pack, and the strategic placement of the "Alpine Village" print on top. Then, it turned into grabbing a fat quarter or half-yard here and there...you know, because I needed some matching prints for the charm pack. Then along came Katie. She tried to tempt me by sending me a link to an etsy shop with a really great deal. I am happy to say that I resisted, because I thought I knew what was good for me.

Then came time for a friend of mine to pay up for a crafty favor, and she gave me free reign across the fabric shop. I nearly sprinted to the Hideaway section, and now it's all I can think about. Clearly I need a bigger variety. Clearly. Which means I need to go get more now, right? YES.

Thank you, mom & daughter pair Lauren and Jessi Jung. If I could afford it, I would buy every single scrap. And share with my fellow addicts, maybe.

Do not get between a sewer and her favorite line of fabrics.


(PS Katie also posted about her "appreciation" for this line today too. We did not plan this same-day post. We just both love it that much. And she started a flickr group, so if you are looking for some validation too, head over)


  1. LOl....Mary; you are too much....I think it's great that you like something that much......

  2. I'm sorry/you're welcome!

    Ahhh. It is dreamy, isn't it?

  3. I saw that you commented on this on my blog, and I had never even heard of it! I thought to myself, I have to look this one up. And I love it!! Bavaria and the Swiss Alps are two of my absolute favorite places that I've ever been!! I must have this!!

    And this is exactly the type of line I was hoping to find - an undiscovered gem. So thank you, thank you, thank you. : ) Now I just need to find some.

  4. Oh it was YOU who has gotten me thinking about this fabric non stop for the last three days! I saw your post but then read a zillion others and forgot who posted about the Hideaway. Hey, if you go to their website today they are hosting a giveaway of Hideaway for the Pillow Talk Swap. Now I'm going to get me some! :)