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February 3, 2011

my first commissioned quilt

Just after I finished my post for WiP Wednesday, I was commissioned to make a quilt! Okay, so let's be real. By "commissioned" I mean I don't have to pay for the fabric. Perfect! I get to play around with some awesome fabric - specifically Central Park by Kate Spain for Moda (with a slice of sugar pop) - without having another quilt around.

Central Park fabric

[Insert: giddy smile] I am hoping my pay will be the scraps, and I am 100% okay with that. Wouldn't that make a great sign? "Will Work For Scraps" :)

I am making this one for my coworker Laura and her three sisters. Their aunt will be spending some extended time in the hospital in the upcoming months, and they wanted to give her something to keep her company. Done and done, this one just skyrocketed to the top of the list. Purchased fabric yesterday at 7pm, already have two blocks done. I am using the North Meadow quilt as inspiration to make this quick, yet stylin' quilt.

central park quilt

My goal is to have it done by next week. Yikes!



  1. I like your definition of "commissioned" - they pay for the fabric and I get the scraps. I've done a few like that myself and it's the perfect arrangement for me! : )

    That block is beautiful. I've got a Central Park jelly roll but really need to get some yardage of certain prints.

  2. I love your definition of commission; may just have to keep it in mind in the future.

    The block looks beautiful. I have faith you will get it done by next week.

  3. Looks like it's going to be a beautiful quilt. I was just "commissioned" yesterday by my mom for a table runner. I think those are the best deals. Someone else buys the fabric, you get to play with it and make something pretty, and other people get to enjoy what you made for them. :)
    Have fun!

  4. Mary, I just read through most all of your blogs! How proud I am of you and your creative crafts! They are all beautiful! Love, Mom

  5. Hey Mary- I didn't know you took commissions. I have a proposition for you (keep it clean, will ya!) I started a quilt about 5 years ago and never got around to finishing the quilting and the binding. Could I pay you to finish it for me? I'll also buy any materials you may need. Email me at robin at cailloux dot com. Thanks!