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February 25, 2011

process, practice, pillow

For a brief moment as I was finishing this pillow this morning, I thought to myself "This sucks. There's no way I'm going to share it with anyone."

matching strings pillow

Don't get me wrong, I still don't love it, but it is all about the process, right? And this is my process in learning what the heck I am doing with a lot of things. A BIG thank you to the folks that offered advice last week on FMQ! I practiced and practiced on scraps, but I wasn't taking it seriously enough. So I whipped up a pillow to practice more using Elizabeth from Don't Call Me Betsy's tutorial that she shared on Sew Mama Sew's blog. I improvised a bit because I didn't have long enough scraps.

easy string piecing!

I'm hoping to retry this in the near future, the paper piecing was so quick and easy! Here's a better view of the FMQ from behind.

FMQ attempt 1

Looking forward to practicing more. I need a better feel of the pace and tension (lots of ripping out!) and just in general, the flow. You'll notice a lot of inconsistency in spacing and loop size/shape :)

Here is the finished product with my matching postage stamp quilt (Dad note - remember dad? We talked about how the "postage stamp" is just a pattern style? Not real stamps. You can't mail anything with this quilt. Love ya!)

pillow and quilt together

So there you have it. A pillow. Thanks for reading :)



  1. Don't be so hard on yourself.....I'm the same with FMQ....don't do it as a rule.....but I want to learn more....go on you tube....and do a search..there are all kinds of hints and patterns there..especially Leah's videos...go for it......

  2. Mary, your quilting looks great! Believe me it will only get better from here! Like Marjorie said, scour the internet and blog land, lots and lots of tips and tricks. Like you said, it just takes time to learn the speed your machine works best at combined with the speed your hands want to move at! The back looks great as well, no pulls and "thread spit up" great job!

  3. Remember we all have started or will start from somewhere. Congratulations though on following through!

  4. I for one love it! So from the persepective of an untrained eye and looking mostly as eye candy I'm digging it and would totally pick one up if I saw it at a local show.

  5. I love this and I think it's beautiful, but I am also the girl who takes pride in wearing crazy patterned socks and nonmatching clothes when I can get away with it.