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February 7, 2011

the raincoat.

here it is, my first garment!

raincoat 1

And a peak at the lining...
raincoat inside

I worked my butt off to finish this in time to make use of it during our five-day streak of rain. What do you know, the day I am ready to photograph, it is finally sunny out. Never did I think I would wish for rain quite like I did when this photo was taken :)

raincoat 2

So pretty!


Did YOU know how easy covered buttons are? When I first read the pattern, I thought about all the modern gadgets and gizmos I would need to make covered buttons, and how much that would cost me. Turns out it is an extra buck. One dolla, make me holla. WHAT?! You seasoned sewers are probably rolling your eyes and clicking next by now...for the rest of you, check out how easy it is!


The package with the mold runs about a dollar more than the package without. Seven buttons (plus an extra) cost me $4.98 plus tax. Much cheaper than the big plastic buttons I was thinking about.

Here's to hoping that it does not rain too much, but just enough to be able to admire my handywork every now and then :)



  1. This is fabulous!! I have to say I am completely terrified to sew anything wearable, haha. Your raincoat looks awesome though, great job!

  2. WOW! This is just fantastic. Hope you get some rain!

    What did you think of the pattern?

  3. Oh wow! This is fabulous, great job! I'm not much of a garment sewer, so I for one had no idea how to make covered buttons. Very cool!

  4. That is a fantastic coat. I LOVE the fabric choices. I'm really impressed-

  5. Mary, great job! That is a great looking raincoat. Should I hope you get some rain in the future? :)