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February 28, 2011

technicolor dream coats

Okay not really, but there are so many of them, and they are so colorful :)

coats waiting for homes

You may have seen two of them, the green raincoat and the blue runabout jacket. Before I knew it, I had two very excited four-year-olds in desperate need of new a spring jacket. One of their moms (also another coworker) got to see my jacket(s) in person and decided she needed one for herself (who can blame her? this pattern was great aside from my fabric rant from a while ago). If you are counting along, that is a total of five coats.

coat collection

I can't wait to see photos of the little ones in their new coats (solid pink and solid yellow) - they are going to be absolutely adorable :) However, I can officially say I am patterned out of this jacket...time to move on!

What do you think I should sew next? Any ideas for something [non-apparel] maybe from my scrap bin?



  1. Wow! You're a bit of a crazy person, aren't you?? Incredible coats!

    P.S. Got my Hideaway FQ in the mail this week. I can't bring myself to untie the bow!

  2. Nice coats!

    If I had talent and scraps, I would make myself a clutch purse with a magnetic clasp. OR some headbands.

    Obviously I'm in a girly-girl mood today!