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February 2, 2011

work[s] in progress 2.2

Linking up to WiP Wednesday today over at Freshly Pieced. Thanks for all the comment love last week :)

Big progress here this week. I finished my postage stamp quilt and have been using it since!

postage stamp 4


-secret hubs gift (will reveal on Friday, because otherwise the secret would be spoiled!)
-postage stamp quilt

-Moda Hideaway quilt (not really new, I just forgot to list it last week :) )

-sliced coins quilt
-crochet scarf for just me
-monochrome quilt
-first quilt (yep, several years later, still not done)
-memorial quilts (right now, 4 in process)

next quilt on the list - sliced coins (quilt along with Don't Call Me Betsy). I got a little too excited and started sewing the sashing before reading the instructions for this week. I guess I thought I was farther behind that I actually am. I was worried this quilt would just end up being an extra, but after a stroll through the park during the 70-degree 'heat wave' this past weekend, I decided to make it our picnic blanket :)

sliced coins

Finally, I JUST finished my rain coat - all that's left are the pictures! Learned a lot with this one, like (1) how [not] to do gather stitches, (2) covered buttons are cheaper than plastic ones, (3) when in doubt, edge stitch, (4) you don't HAVE to use a button hole foot to make a button hole, and (5) patience makes perfect.

covered buttons for rain coat!

The pattern suggested a teflon or rolling foot. Like I mentioned last week, I used masking tape as a work-around. Well, I eventually gave up when the regular cotton and laminated cotton were pulling at different speeds, and I just decided to use my walking foot and risk damaging the fabric (are walking feet more common than the others I listed? I get the sense that they are). Let me save you a headache - if you are sewing such kinds of fabric, buy/use the walking foot. It was magic. No damage, and I could feed the fabric in any way, shape, or form (including both the top-facing and bottom-facing fabric being laminated). Maybe this is a "well, duh!" kind of lesson? Here's to hoping it isn't, and that the world is less one headache today :)

Now that you've read my attempt at advice, what random or fun lessons have you learned through sewing / crafting? Can't wait to hear 'em!



  1. i love your postage stamp quilt! How did you quilt it?
    I don't know how to cover buttons, you should do a tutorial. Those hounds tooth buttons are great!
    I don't know if I've learned any random lessons other than change your needle more often than you think you need it! when my thread is breaking and the machine is loud - it's usually a needle that needs changing.

  2. keep going ...sounds like you are going right to town there....

  3. I love your postage stamp quilt and those buttons are adorable! The one time I used laminated cotton, I used a walking foot, but mostly because my walking foot is my go-to foot to use when I'm having even-feed troubles. I love my walking foot! I think the best advice I've got is that the awful spit-up that happens sometimes on the back side of your work isn't your bobbin's fault - it's the top thread. I learned that at the class for my new machine, and so far, it's been spot-on! :)

  4. Love the postage stamp quilt. Very pretty! I always smile when I see the Amy Butler new fabric...I am using my bundle currently and it has been a lot of fun!

  5. I can't wait to see your sliced coins quilt. It looks beautiful with the Amy Butler fabric.

    The best advice I have ever been given is -- tailor's chalk. Most of it will iron off, and if it doesn't it washes off easily. But in a pinch, a no.2 pencil works too. It will also wash off fairly easily.

  6. Love your Sliced Coins Quilt, that Amy Butler is perfect! And your postage stamp quilt it all finish?!? You go girl!

  7. Love your finishes, cant wait to see that finished rain coat!

  8. The Postage Stamp quilt turned out just beautiful! Love that plum solid you used. And Soul Blossoms for the Sliced Coin quilt-along! Such a great choice, can't wait to see more.

    Thanks for linking up with WIP Wednesday, have a fabulous week! : )

  9. Dang! You've been busy! I need to find out more about your Hideaway quilt in progress. I recently became OBSESSED with that fabric.

  10. Your slices coins look great! I need to think about getting mine started :)

  11. I haven't started my sliced coins either. Yours looks fabulous! Love the buttons. LOVE the houndstooth! I had someone else make my laminated cotton raincoat. I was going to make one for my granddaughter but am thinking about sending that off as well. Maybe I should get gutsy and do it myself? I bought a teflon foot, but haven't tried it.