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February 9, 2011

work[s] in progress (central park finished!)

better late than never right? hop on over to Freshly Pieced and check out what everyone else is working on.

late was worth it, I was able to get some photos of my latest finish, the Central Park quilt (aka my first commissioned quilt).

commissioned quilt 1

I love this quilt.

commissioned quilt 2

Have I said how much I love this? I'm not sure why. Probably because I am excited to play with all the leftover pieces now. (there are a LOT!)

Laura and her sisters asked me to embroider this quote on the back...inspiration for their aunt in the hospital.

commissioned quilt 3

So, as far as other projects...umm...I did finish the sashing on my sliced coins quilt.

Then, everybody and their brother discovered that I can sew (apparently it is a lost art?) and my list of commissions has grown. I have no charging scheme in place, so I'm still holding the "Will Work For Scraps" sign.  I am, however, closing the waiting list so that I can decide if I want to pay the government to be able to charge other people :)

-central park quilt

-quilting/binding for a friend
-another raincoat for a gift (but still waiting for a commitment)

-sliced coins quilt
-crochet scarf for just me
-monochrome quilt
-first quilt
-memorial quilts (right now, 4 in process)
-Hideaway quilt (formulating a design and bought yardage this week!)

Let me leave you with my view for the day. Laura is a coworker of mine (we share an office space), so we decided to hang the quilt over our wall hangings. Made the day so much better :) and led to a lot of drifting off into Central-Park-goodness.
commissioned quilt 4

thanks for swinging by!


  1. Beautiful quilt! What is the border fabric? Is that a Central Park print too?

    I bought some hideaway yardage this week too... I think we might have a problem!

  2. This is fabulous!! Definitly making me want to dig into my fat quarter stash of Central Park!

  3. This is beautiful Mary... I absolutely love the colors.

  4. Your Central Park Quilt is fabulous. Congrats on the finish!

  5. Congrats on the finish! (I was a bit late to WIP Wednesday, too, but oh, well, if it nets us these wonderful pics!) *g*

  6. Where'd ya take the pics? Don't recognize it! They look great and so does the quilt!

  7. Hi Mary! Kristy linked me up with your awesome blog :) I love this quilt! I am going through all your old posts dreaming of what I could do with a little more time (and money!). The crafty girl in me needs release!