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March 22, 2011

Picnic blanket / Sliced Coins finish!

The sliced coins quilt is finished, just in time for a birthday picnic for my husband :)

picnic 3

I am so happy to have this finished up for the rest of spring! As you can see, the grass here in Atlanta isn't really green, or soft, so a blanket is a must.

I really enjoyed making this quilt...the piecing was so straightforward after Elizabeth explained it during her quilt along. Once again, I was 'surprised' by how big it ended up being, so the quilting was a little daunting (not to mention the troubles I had). All in all, though, I am so happy with it!

picnic 1

The sun kind of highlights how little the white fabric and white thread match, but who cares. I'm guessing that will be the least of this quilt's worries during its life (considering we nearly had a run-in with the results of people not picking up after their dogs).

More burnt grass...and a little bit of Atlanta midtown :)


Here it is all folded up on the way home!
picnic 2

Design - Sliced Coins from Don't Call Me Betsy's QA
Fabric - Soul Blossoms in blue colorway, Kona Snow
Size - 60" x 72"
Quilting - all-over meander / loops

Thanks for checking out my finish!


  1. so nice...glad you got it finished in time..it looks great

  2. Beautiful m'dear. I love how you used different fabrics to make up the binding.

  3. It looks awesome, Mary! Your quilting looks fantastic despite your troubles.

  4. Mary that looks awesome! I see plenty o picnics spent on that beauty!

  5. Very pretty! This is a great pattern for large scale prints. The colors are gorgeous, and the different white in the quilting thread doesn't bother me a bit!