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March 11, 2011

two-minute break

Just wanted to take a quick break to share some cute :)

The coats I made a couple of weeks ago made it to their fashionista owners. And boy do they look so cute in them!

First up is my niece, Lil. I can't decide who is cuter in this photo, her, or her drool-monster 'bama-swoop brother who is also posing :)


And here's little Miss Elise. She and I went shopping to pick out her mac-n-cheese-colored coat (after her mom and I pre-shopped of course!)


We had a fun time learning that maybe hot pink wasn't the best choice of thread color, but also maybe I shouldn't have given her free reign at the thread stand :) . Just in case you were wondering, her dad's favorite color is red.  What a cutie! Am I overusing that word? sorry... but it's so true!

Finally, here is Elise with her mom, also donning the runabout jacket. Seriously, could she not be a perfect Rainbow Brite in that outfit??


Anyway, thanks for humoring me! Sometimes it's nice to see things you have made on other people rather than yourself over and over...

Anyone else live vicariously through friends and family members kids?? :)



  1. oh my goodness, those coats are fantastic! Everything is just adorable, and in this post, I do not think the word could possibly be overused!!