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March 23, 2011

work in progress wednesday (and another finish!)

It has been one productive week around here.

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

This past weekend, I finished the sliced coins quilt along (only a few weeks late! eek) just in time for a picnic on Monday night.

I got lucky enough to squeak out another finish this weekend, my monochromatic quilt. I submitted it on Sunday night, so here it is for the blog! (Thanks to Sean for being a trooper and holding it up for several minutes)

monochrome quilt

In a nutshell, I was influenced by the "hyperbolic plane," which my husband works closely with in his PhD research in math. Yep, math, hyper-awesome-nerd style. If you feel the urge to search for hyperbolic planes, pay attention to how the lines spread out and converge, and then try to wrap your brain around those lines actually being completely straight on a 2-d surface. That's a hyperbolic plane. Did I lose you yet? It's cool, I lost myself a few sentences back.

Anyway, I tried to express this concept in the shading and quilting. I emulated the 'shading' in the binding and backing as well. If you look closely, you can see how one corner is light and the opposite is dark.

quilting close-up

This one was fun. Slow, but fun. It was nice to design my own quilt for once. Here's another touch of midtown again...

monochrome quilt 2

So, all in all, I'd say two finished quilts is pretty good progress, eh?

In other news, I reeeeeally want to join the supernova quilt along. Pretty sure I commented on Lee's blog when she asked about a potential quilt along that I would LOVE it if she did one. Alas, the funds just aren't there....I'm bummed. But I am looking forward to seeing what other gals will be doing!

-sliced coins quilt
-monochromatic challenge quilt

-birthday gift quilt (plum/olive/gold)
-memorial quilts
-March bee blocks
-DC quilt
-Hideaway quilt
Next up on my plate will be some memorial quilts. I would really like to get all the tops finished so that I can pitch all the little scraps and free up some room in our apartment :)

Go check out what everyone else has been up to over at Freshly Pieced!



  1. Oh your monochromatic quilt looks fantastic! Great work. I really enjoyed doing monochromatic too, it was fun to think outside the box with just one color. The yellow is so cheery and fun, great choice!

  2. your monochromatic quilt looks so so great. I do love when a creation is yours from the design idea all the way to the end! Awesome finishes!!

  3. Love your quilt! It is very creative and translating math concepts into quilts and quilting seems like an excellent project to me.

  4. Your monochromatic quilt is so beautiful! And I love to concept. Wonderful work! Happy WIP!

  5. As a fellow math-geek, I love your monochromatic quilt with it's use of hyperbolic planes. I was just thinking that all the geometry my husband and I were working through last night would have made a wonderful quilt -- too bad I didn't snap a picture.

  6. The Yellow is just awesome!

  7. Mary, that is SO awesome! I love it! And I am going to go click on your nerdy link right now, because this is so visually fascinating to me, thank you for sharing :)

  8. I don't know about all of that hyperbolic business, but it's a gorgeous quilt! Well done.

  9. I used to draw hyperbolic planes for fun in math class. No joke. Your husband and I could be BFFs.

    Love the color choice and the 'shading?' - whatever technical term you would use to describe that!

  10. Wow! I must say I never thought to design a quilting patern from a math curve... great inspiration! It turned out great.

  11. Gorgeous quilt, I love it. Love the yellow, love the unconventional inspiration! No worries about the Supernova qal, you can always follow the pattern later if you want. Thanks for linking up, have a great week! : )