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April 26, 2011

april bee blocks

With all the trouble and change occurring around here, I got a little nervous about finishing up my April bee blocks on time. That meant I had to work on them and only them the second my machine was fixed, even if I was surrounded by half-packed boxes and piles of fabric needing sorting.

Our queen asked for mod tree blocks, with our imagination as the only limitation. She specifically mentioned she liked a particular block, and since I am so late, I had the opportunity to see if anyone else tried it first. Guess I was the lucky one :) This is a ticker-tape block with black trees free-motion quilted on top.

mod trees set

Next, I wanted to try to make my own design. I have spent a lot of time being inspired by everyone else's awesome ideas - and I thought it was about time to try it myself. Enter: the weeping willow block, where I attempted to keep the design modern with a touch of 'movement' and whimsy. Does it look like there's a gently breeze?

weeping willow set

So there you have it. April 26th. Looks like I am not late after all.

Happy Fabric Tuesday, y'all! Head on over to Quiltstory to check out some inspiration :)


  1. I love the willow....you have a great imagination....really,Mary

  2. These are both amazing! The willow is surely dancing in the wind, just like these willows do.

  3. Ohmygoodness.....Jealous and envious. Wish these were mine. The willow is AMAZING! I definitely have to step up my game. LOL Hopefully folks don't get too weirded out about the dates. A month seems so long....then LIFE happens. :D

  4. Love the willow tree! Great work!

  5. Both your blocks are simply amazing. I especially love your weeping willow block. It really makes me long for home.

  6. I love your weeping willow. How beautiful!