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April 23, 2011

Poor Nelly :(

Fair warning...a lot of text ahead :)

I had to bring nelly (my sewing machine...and pretty much every mechanical thing in my home) to the repair man. Too many tension issues following this incident. Basically, I cannot make the top thread tension low enough. In order to balance them, my bobbin tension has to be entirely too high.

Got it back on Friday.  Guess what? They fixed it by...turning the bobbin thread tension higher. So high, in fact, that cotton thread is breaking. Some "fix." I have already expressed my displeasure with Singer, on their website and on twitter, since I brought my machine to a Singer certified center.

This was the test strip it came back with (back side). If memory serves me, a blind hem stitch is not supposed to pull like that. And zig-zag is supposed to "favor" the bottom thread, but I don't remember it being okay to pull the top thread through by THAT much.

some fix, singer.

With my machine being unusable currently, you can imagine there isn't much sewing happening here. I managed to lay out the last of the memorial quilts with my sister's clothes. It's been 16 months since she passed away, I think it's about time to get on with the sewing. Wasn't able to sew much of it, though, before the above happened.

al quilt

So, what have I been doing with all this new-found free time??

Hubs and I held a garage sale last Saturday in an attempt to declutter our 1BR apartment. I parted ways with some old yarn (not anything from my grandma) and an extra hot glue gun, but that's about it for crafty things. It's a good thing we had the sale too, because [alert: non-sewing information to follow] he was offered a job out of state for the summer. We like Georgia, but we love adventure. So we're moving to Maryland (WHAT?!), and we're looking forward to bopping around the northeast for the summer. Besides, I figure I should live in a state called Mary-land for at least a small portion of my life, right?

Scary? a little. Exciting? a whole lot.

Back to sewing. The stuff lingering around our apartment may be making the trip to MD with us...I will try to finish up as much as possible, but between putting our life in storage, finding a place to live, wrapping up things at work, and generally celebrating this leap, they may get lost in the shuffle. At least until the dust settles and I have some extra-bonus free time.

Happy Easter to you all - here's to hoping you all have wonderful spring weather this weekend :)



  1. Oooooo, good luck on your new adventure. I have a friend in DC for the summer - Maggie, who also lived in Neihardt. Blonde, South Dakota native - so if you two want to be friends, I could arrange a hook up.

    Thanks for the comment. I was having trouble with blogger's autopost, but the detox post is back up.

  2. Good luck on the move! And good luck with Nelly.

  3. I agree with you; the stitches shouldn't look just like that...that is very discouraging...I hate having to play with the tensions..I am always afraid of breaking something myself. take care..and good luck

  4. Aw, poor Nelly! She's definitely still sick.

    Good luck with the move! Yowsa. Sounds like quite the adventure!