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April 3, 2011

Weekend progression

Eek. It's been a long time since I posted. Guess that means I've been getting a lot done, right?

blue memorial quilt

Right. My primary goal these past couple of weeks has been to get a move on with the memorial quilts. All 6 of them.  They all have a 'theme' of sorts...this one is the Blue Room quilt. My grandmother had a blue guest bedroom, complete with blue shag carpet. Just another memory :)

green and purple memorial quilts

Here are some HSTs for the green/teal "Farmgirl Fancy" quilt (on left - grandma left the 'big town' to live on a farm when she married my grandfather) and the purple quilt for my sister (on right - no story for this one, she just likes purple).

I have also been working on a queen-sized quilt for a friend's sister's birthday. She gave me a couple of tablecloths that she really liked to incorporate into the quilt. I commend all of you who quilt a full queen-sized quilt on your machine. I knew that it was either my sanity or the quilt, so I opted to try quilting-as-you-go. I'm hoping to turn all of this....

tablecloth quilt

...into a stack of these.

tablecloth quilt 2

And one day, these will be sewn together into a very large, very lovely quilt. And by one day, I mean ASAP because this gal's birthday is next weekend.

I'll try not to crawl back into a sewing cave for too long.

'til next time :)



  1. Oh Wow!!! you have some work ahead of you Mary....good luck there... the quilted squares look very nice though...I can't imagine doing a large quilt on a machine; other than a longarm...which I don't have...lol. That is why I hand quilt....it is all fastened in the frames and tight; my hands are free to quilt....that's what I'm used to; I guess... it is going to look great....

  2. Loving the blue quilt!

    Quilting a big quilt on a home machine can be tough! There's definitely some wrestling involved.

  3. How are you going to connect your QAYG blocks?