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May 27, 2011

May bee blocks - check!

With all the business this month brought, I knew I would end up a bit behind on my May bee blocks. The queen this month (Laine) asked us to make mondo bird blocks. My fledgling self had no idea what this block was, but a few quick searches and a great tutorial from House of Krom later, and I was all set to go.

mondo bird 1

Laine asked for lime green to be included in each block. I do not have a TON of lime green, so I used it in the little accents.

mondo bird 2

My mondo birds are a little heavy-set :) One thing I definitely learned - do not overestimate the size of the wing when you piece the body color onto it. I hope my little guys go well with what the others girls have made!

Have a great Memorial Day weekend! [and if you are traveling, be safe please!]


  1. I think you have a great feel for how colors go together. I'm not going to lie though...the first pic that was tilted through me completely off...I was like, why is that a 'big block'. Then I got to the second pic and felt like an idiot. Have a beautiful holiday weekend!

  2. Oooohhhhhhh.....LOVE THEM! Thanks you sooo much!~ They are perfect.

  3. They are very interesting blocks! I think I may be falling in love with them :)

  4. I like your stout little birds! So cute!

  5. These are cute! I may have to give them a try.