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June 24, 2011

some people!

Remember how I was going to be really productive and get all those quilts done by next week?

Well, I got sidetracked. Some jerk-face stole my husband's bicycle. His is on the left in this photo (side note: mine is the pretty red one :) ).  We had just bought him new tires on Saturday, in a smurf blue color. And we have no updated photo. And of course I found out about all of this just as I was arriving at the U2 concert on Wednesday night. Huge bummer.

So instead of sewing yesterday, I spent most of the day driving around looking for it and hunting the person down on craigslist. And then being upset about the fact that some people in this world are just that awful. I did, however, find a cute coffee shop in our neighborhood with really nice and helpful people (silver lining?)

The joke's on the thief though. Sean has been eyeing a time trial bike (think: triathlons) forever. Like, since he bought the one that was stolen. This gave him the perfect opportunity to get it.  And boy does he deserve it.

I'm starting to think he hired someone to steal his bike so that he had an excuse for the tt.

PS, it was locked. They took that too. Apparently U locks are not that great.  Neither are cable locks. So that leaves us with the last, most-expensive and heaviest option. LAME. Seriously, I think the thing weighs 15+ pounds.

In conclusion, boo stolen bike. Yay new bike, still getting to enjoy cycling with Sean, and getting back to sewing.

Have a great weekend everyone :)


  1. Oh a stolen bike! Some people just suck, don't they? I ride my bike to school a lot and sometimes worry if it will be there when I return - has so far, cross my fingers. Hope he enjoys his new time trial bike - even with the heavy lock. So how was U2?

  2. I can tell how much this bothered you by how many posts I've seen about it (i.e. FB and here). I hope he gets and enjoys his beautiful new bike. PS Since my steel beast-of-no-interest-to-thieves-bike is in the shop and I'm riding my nice bike to work, I am totally carrying around my 15 lb lock. Your post made me laugh!