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June 1, 2011

twisted shoulders are all the rage


twisted shoulder

because if so, this dress was well on its way to the runway. Let me tell you a story. From the beginning of using this pattern (Simplicity 2886), I was convinced the zipper was up the back. Convinced. So you could understand how, after finishing the bodice, I was wondering where the seam down the back of the skirt was. It was up the side, that's where.

I grabbed my seam ripper, took out the side seam, and removed the back basting that I had invented. In the process of sewing the back seam according to the pattern, I somehow managed to twist the front of the bodice a full 360. Result: a fancy twisted shoulder strap. One more round with the seam ripper and I was all squared away.

simplicity 2886

fancy nancy! now I just need a place to where it.

and my favorite part?



I got this fabric while shopping the Memorial Day sale at Joann's with a friend (hi you!). in total, it was $8, plus a $1 zipper, and $1 to get the correct size of pattern. That's a $10 dress. Okay maybe a little more to pay for the lining fabric, but still.

Hope y'all are having a great week :)


  1. Oh crap! Well, it's an adorable dress! And pockets are the best! My wedding dress had a pocket.

  2. I have to give you credit...because besides quilts; I sew nothing!!!! lol

  3. You crack me up. The dress is super cute! :)

  4. Your dress is adorable! Thats totally something I would do....