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June 30, 2011


I'm late. Story of my life. I got completely wrapped up in sewing yesterday, and I'm pleased to say that, despite the little setback, I have gotten quite a bit done this past week.

Newbie Bee Blocks
In true late fashion, I finished my June bee blocks for the first-timer bee on June 27th. This month, Carol wanted some black and white blocks with solid color accents.

june newbie bee blocks

Memorial Quilts
Three finished. Three basted. Pretty darn good. I know I said these would be done by tomorrow, but seriously, I'm proud of myself for getting this far.

memorial quilts progress
from left to right
pink quilt - finished
green quilt - finished
purple quilt (ochre back) - basted
b&w quilt (red back. yep we're huskers) - basted
everything quilt (blue/green/brown back) - basted
np - blue quilt - finished


Kaleidoscope QA
AH! I'm already behind. I am printing the template as I type. The good news [and bad...I guess] is that I don't plan to budget for batting or backing until after Christmas, so I am concentrating on piecing tops for the rest of the year. So I've already taken myself out of the running for the end-of-QA giveaway.

That's all I've done. *brow wipe*

Have a safe and FUN 4th of July y'all!



  1. I love the little black/white/yellow block! So cool!

    And you can catch up on the kaleidoscope qal quickly. The cutting doesn't take much time, and the instructions she posted today don't look too time-consuming either.

  2. Lol..you're too funny!!! nice bee blocks btw. I really like them; so different...

  3. Hey, you're not late on bee blocks until midnight on the midnight on the first. : ) I just finished my last bee block today! Yours look great, BTW.

    But I do have a bone to pick with you, because I was trying to hit 100 link-ups this week, and guess what we got to? Yep, 99 links. Maybe next week! : ) Anyway, we missed you (and not just because of the 99/100 thing!)