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August 3, 2011

Mug Rugs and Internets

I'd like to think it hasn't been three weeks since my last post, but hey, things happen (or as someone told me while we were in the ER for the broken collar bone, sh** happens. and it does). In that time, I have visited family in Long Island, been without the Internets for quite some time, and completely overused my new favorite word, "fancy." So here I am at the Bucks for some fancy coffee, AC, and internet, feeling a little bit like I'm back in grad school.

I haven't been completely lame with the crafts. In preparation for the generosity I knew my aunt and uncle would show us during our visit (including but not limited to amazing seats at a Mets game), I whipped up some tea mug rugs and a mat for their teapot. They are big tea people. Morning, noon, and night. I forgot my camera, though, so here's a little snap from the phone.

I'm still not entirely sure if they all "go" together, but I think they are each cute. I used a lot of Modern Meadow and a little Hideaway (the clocks).

I also spent the better part of a week editing wedding photos. And I maybe got 25 done.  By no means am I an expert at editing, but I've definitely learned some amazing tricks.  My good friend took our wedding photos and didn't charge us a penny for the whole raw lot on disc. Uh-mazing. So now it's my turn to build it into a photo book. Here is one of my favorites because it POURED during our wedding :)

Anyway, until my next visit to Starbucks, or until our landlord gets back to his job, happy crafting :)



  1. great collection of mugrugs! And that wedding pic is gorgeous :-)

  2. Cute picture! So glad to see you back on the blog.

  3. What a sweet picture! Love love LOVE those mug rugs!

  4. Just had to comment in your blog... I ran into your comment (confession) on Stitched in Color, and you had me in stitches (pun intended), so I had to check our your blog. Love it and your fun personality. Now following :)