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September 23, 2011

the good news is I still like to sew

The bad news is that it took several weeks to figure it out. That's the cool thing to do these days, right? Take a break from the thing you normally use to take a break?

First it was "well, the Webernets aren't working, so I guess I can't post."

That turned into "does that mean I don't need to make anything...? yes."

Then it was "yay! we get to go to Minnesota! clearly I can't pack the Singer"

After that I was saying "crap, we're moving back to Atlanta WHEN? I totally forgot. okay not really, but for real."

And finally, after moving, "everything is packed away so nicely in our new apartment. who, in their right minds, would disturb this kind of organizational perfection?"

I overcame that last question today. But I'll be honest, taking a break was nice. I literally did not read any blogs for a solid six weeks [eternity? depends on who you ask]. I still love them, but I found myself getting caught up in everyone else's projects, and I lost my good old[some-would-argue-young] self.  Sometimes technology can take over your life, and I'm guilty of letting that happen. So now I get to resurface, minus one data plan on my phone and a large handful of blogs I "read," in favor of really keeping up with my faves and having more time to be inspired by me.

With that fervor, I kicked back into gear by starting a new quilt today! I have had a fat-quarter set of Habitat on hand for the whole summer, burning a hole in my stash. Initially I wanted to do a simple diamond pattern (or rhombus, if you ask my mathy Sean). Clearly I stewed too long on that idea because on the drive back from MD, my diamond shape cutter found a precarious place above the speaker in our car, and over the course of a 12-hour drive, it formed a new 3D speaker shape. Sorry mom! (she gave it to me for Christmas).

But in the shadow of tragedy blossoms creativity (so true in a million ways in my life), so I started cutting today for what I am calling Herringbone Habitat.


I am particularly excited for this quilt because I am not using anyone else's pattern but my own made-up one [eh, could be a disaster, but we'll find out soon enough]. And Habitat is so random, yet so unified. This quilt is easily going to skyrocket to the favorites pile.

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed the end of summer. I will be back in sooner than 6 weeks, scout's honor.



  1. The good news is you're still alive! Good to read your post, and I'm excited about your Habitat happenings!

  2. Great to see you back! Glad you've enjoyed your break, and even better that you're up to something new :-)

  3. Welcome back to blogland Mary. :)

  4. Glad to see you back. I hope everything is going well and I can't wait to see your next quilt.