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October 3, 2011

a new purse-wallet

I guess I will call it a purllet.

flex frame purse folded

I was inspired to make this double-flex-frame purllet by this really expensive clutch and a friend who had a double-framed wallet.

The fabric was a scrap given to me by a friend who had a skirt/dress made out of it in Ghana by this company.

flex frame purse open

I added a flush zip pocket to the inside to store goods and used the same technique to add a cash pocket and card slots (I lined the card slots with laminated cotton to help the cards stay put). I also inserted magnets to keep the purllet closed when not in use.

The flex-frame pockets are made with a recycled tape measure rather than an actual flex frame [because I am too impatient to wait and cheap to pay for them to be shipped to me], and one pocket contains a zippered change pouch.

flex frame purse side pockets

Thanks to this tape measure for giving its life to this awesome little accessory. The remaining portion of the tape measure is underneath all that duct tape - I learned my lesson in securing it when it shot across the living room :) (I used a narrower 12' tape, not the 25' one) (PS, these things are harder to destruct than one would think.)

homemade flex frame
I was so happy to move into this new purllet - it's so convenient and the perfect size for all the regular items.

I'm contemplating writing a pattern for this guy :)

Happy Monday!


  1. You're like a McGyver of craft! Very clever and cute.

  2. Oooh, I hope your fingers survived that tape alright! They've cut me up plenty of times...

  3. What a cute idea. It turned out great!

  4. Oh my goodness, puh-lease write this pattern! I would love to make this and I do not have the know-how to figure it out on my own!