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January 27, 2012

The curtains were hung...

...by the window with care :)

Drafty chilly nights require decent curtains, even if you do not have a proper rod from which to hang them. A few picture hangers, safety pins, and tie backs later, and we had a nice little barrier from the cold.

curtains pulled back

Initially I thought I would get a curtain rod as soon as we could, but now I'm kind of digging the stationary tie-back style.

Here they are when closed up for the night.


I use the magnetic ties to hold the curtains together when closed.

See that big green beautiful chair? That (and its partner) is what I am saving pennies to redo. So much character, eh? Can't you just see it in navy upholstery and antique white finishes? Yep, me too.

I was working on a basic hem on the other curtains for the dining room. I had given up hope to repeat this amazingly painstaking gathering technique. But then, wouldn't you know, I sewed my finger. On a HEM of all things. Ten, literally TEN inches from the end of the last hem on the last panel. Totally took away my sewing mojo. I have a bit of fear again. I'm sure I'm not the only one out there who has done this, but man, what a way to ruin progress!

So I baked a bit instead.

banana cheesecake & ganache

Banana cheesecake with chocolate ganache, anyone? A bit of an adult version of a kid food, if you ask me, and delicious of course. I guess a decent runner-up to sewing :)


  1. Ouch! Poor finger!
    I love the curtains. The gathering business is quite cool.

  2. a) Come to my house and make me curtains. No joke. Or, just let me know when you're in Minneapolis area and I'll come to you. Even if its xmas of next year.
    b) I would literally shake a baby if it got me that cheesecake. That said, I don't really like babies.

    Hope you are well!

  3. Tell us more about the system you used to hang the curtains or is it a family secret????, how did you make the curtains? did you gather an existing curtain and what type of rod did you use?? The cake, it looks yummy and do I see OreO crumb crust on the bottom.....even though I choose not to eat carbs this would definitely be on my list for my one cheat for the week......did I say yummy as Julia would say...."bon app├ętit"