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February 15, 2012

a thrifty new clock

Last week, I saw this clock on Pinterest. Then I was introduced to the local thrift store. Some time perusing the aisles led me to this beauty:

thrifty clock - before

I was really just looking for a base with clock components in decent shape. This one had no price tag, a broken glass overlay, and a missing corner on the frame. I finagled a $2 deal.

Using the clock from Pinterest as inspiration, I grabbed my can of spray paint and my mega-fan of Duron paint chips. A couple hours later, I ended up with this piece.

thrifty clock - after

I really like it, and I must confess that part of that 'like' is that I only spent $2 on it (the paint was left over and I got the fan for free).

Still not much sewing, and I can't see it returning with cheap crafts like this one on the horizon!