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August 19, 2013

Hide-oscope Baby Quilt Finish

I started this quilt over two years ago with Elizabeth's Kaleidoscope Quilt Along at Don't Call Me Betsy.  I finished making the blocks with the quilt-along, but I fell off the wagon after that because, in true budget fashion, I didn't want to buy the batting. The finished blocks made three moves with me, and when we found out we were expecting, I knew I had to wrap it up.

Hide-oscope Finish 1

I chose to use my bundle of Hideaway by Lauren & Jessi Jung - a line I had loved from the moment I laid eyes on it.  Since we are not finding out Baby's gender, these prints set the tone for our neutral nursery style. Maybe they lean a little boyish, but I like how the aqua-teal blue balances that out.  I also like how they pack a little bit of whimsy without being in-your-face baby.  I backed the quilt with a large piece of the green House print, along with the yellow and green Deer prints.

Hide-oscope Finish 2

I quilted this little number with an all-over squiggle. I really liked doing the squiggles since this baby-sized quilt was so much easier to manage than other quilts I have made. The quilt will probably hang out on our antique-dresser-turned-changing-table-with-towel-rack while we await Little One's arrival.

Hide-oscope Finish 3

Hideoscope Baby Quilt
Finished size: 36" x 48"
Pattern: Kaleidoscope from Elizabeth / Don't Call Me Betsy
Fabric: Hideaway by Lauren & Jessi Jung
Quilting: All-over squiggle (no loops)
Binding: Clocks in blue from the Hideaway line

1 comment:

  1. Oh Hideaway....I still have mine waiting for the perfect project.
    Love the name - Hideoscope.
    Congratulations on the finish! :)